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Incident Response Bot


Respond faster to incidents without complexities getting in your way. Our free Incident Response Bot helps streamline your workflows, automate communication to stakeholders, and ensure reminders and to-dos for later don't get lost along the way.

Easy integration & configuration

With the Jeli app for Slack, collecting data about your team’s response to incidents is seamless. Import conversations from multiple channels to make sure you’re retaining the full picture.
  • Tired of incident response bots with hours of set up on process automation? Us too. You can get set up and start using our bot in minutes, without having to pre-program response automation
  • But you can customize things at a workspace level:
  • Default broadcast channels
  • Status update reminder intervals
  • Incident Commander & Communications Lead role descriptions

Flexible to fit each incident

  • Incidents often don’t follow the same path every time. Without automation locking you into a specific workflow, you can:
  • Change which channels get broadcast messages throughout the incident
  • Update the severity, roles, and stages at any time
  • The bot will prompt you to add some context to what led to your changes, to help inform stakeholders and give you a record free of hindsight bias for your incident review.
  • Our stages are simple: Investigating, Identified, and Mitigated. Having an understanding of “where we are within the incident” breaks the incident into smaller chunks and helps responders, both within engineering and on the customer communication side, to reorient themselves around what new tasks they may be expected to perform in the next stage.
  • There is no single path to resolution. You can easily move back and forth between the stages as you gain new information and pivot your response.

Here to make your life easier

  • Convert an existing Slack message from any channel into a status update with just an emoji, or use our message shortcut.
  • Set reminders for things you wanted to look into after the incident, then decide upon mitigation what to do with them.

IR Bot & incident analysis for free

The Free Tier of the Jeli platform includes access to our Incident Response Bot and our Analysis platform. Start responding to incidents quickly as each happens. But, incidents don’t live independently of one another. They’re best viewed as a connected series of events to be analyzed as a whole. To properly analyze across incidents, our platform helps you go quickly build timelines, understand what happened, and see patterns across incidents.
  • Our bot for Slack turns each incident into an archived Opportunity in Jeli that can be annotated later.
  • Cross-incident analysis of Opportunities leads to new discoveries and insights.