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Get started with our Free Incident Response Bot!

Not Incidents.

Every incident is an opportunity that reveals how your organization really works.
Jeli allows you to see that opportunity.

Jeli is a one-stop incident management tool.

Jeli takes you through a customized, step-by-step process for each incident. At the end, you have a clear narrative that ignites your workplace to be more efficient, more engaged, and hey – maybe even more fun.

Improving incidents at industry leading companies

Incident Response Bot


Respond faster to incidents without complexities getting in your way. Our free Bot helps streamline your workflows, automate communication to stakeholders, and ensure reminders and to-dos for later don't get lost along the way.

Streamline your investigation.

Jeli starts by collecting the necessary information from your current technical tools using our Incident Response Bot. This helps pinpoint those often over-looked human factors.

Automatically create a timeline that makes sense.

Allowing you to see a clear overview of who, what, where and when an incident started, and how long it took to resolve.

Add details & color.

Categorize, tag, go comment-crazy! This is your story, make it your own. Jeli makes it easy to add the right notes and ask the right questions for follow-ups, interviews, and reports.

Reveal deep insight.

Jeli helps you understand why an incident took place, how it could’ve been prevented, and allows you to dive deep into uncovered themes, patterns, or problem areas!

Prepare for the future.

Jeli culminates by allowing you to learn from incidents. Creating a proactive environment, that prevents burnout, improves retention, and relieves stress.