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Jeli to be acquired by PagerDuty – Read the announcement

Respond Faster
See Patterns
Learn From Your Incidents

Respond to, manage, and analyze incidents
in order to build more resilient infrastructure and teams.

Jeli is a one-stop incident management platform.

Every incident is an opportunity that reveals how your organization really works. Jeli allows you to see that opportunity and continuously improve. Jeli aggregates data across the tools and people involved to reveal clear, actionable recommendations for your organization.

Industry leaders across sectors trust Jeli with their incident management.

Incident Response Bot


Respond faster to incidents without complexities getting in your way. Our free Bot helps streamline your workflows, automate communication to stakeholders, and ensure reminders and to-dos for later don't get lost along the way.

Streamline your investigation

Jeli starts by collecting the necessary information from your current technical tools using our Incident Response Bot. This helps pinpoint those often over-looked human factors.

Create a timeline in minutes, not hours

Narrative Builder helps you quickly see the story of what happened, how things unfolded, and how to make these sorts of events easier to coordinate in the future.

Reports that get read, not filed

Categorize, tag, and add comments. Highlight key moments and findings to help your team easily recognize and replicate the practices that help reliably deliver services to customers.

Reveal deeper insights

Jeli helps you understand why an incident took place, how it could have been prevented, and reveals patterns. Move from reactive to proactive, addressing contributing factors to incidents before they occur, and helping minimize the impact of future incidents through continuous improvement.

Move From Reactive to Proactive

We meet your team where you are today and guide you to faster response and deeper insights across your complex hybrid infrastructure, systems, and applications. Identify consistent stresses, see patterns, and make data-driven decisions across your tools and people.