Incident Analysis Designed for Learning

Jeli reimagines incident management, drawing from years of research across aviation, fire departments, and technology companies.

Our platform highlights the coordination costs of incidents, uncovers organizational issues, and generates recommendations to help address problems before they become severe. Jeli combines disparate systems involved in incident response — Slack, Zoom, Jira, PagerDuty, and more— and makes it easy to analyze across multiple incidents.

The result: Deeper and more efficient analysis of what went sideways, and how to learn from it.

Narrative Builder

Team members can tag, categorize, and comment on the incident timeline created by Jeli. Narrative Builder puts together the story about what went wrong and how it can be prevented from happening in the future, leveraging the knowledge possessed by key stakeholders across the organization involved with the incident. It can also highlight what went right, allowing users to recognize and replicate the practices that help reliably deliver services to customers.

People View

Jeli’s People View helps teams quickly understand and visualize who participated in various incidents across time. This data can then be leveraged to create better on-call rotations, proactively avoid employee burnout, and know who to pull into an incident based on prior experiences.

Cross-Incident Analysis

Incidents don’t happen independently of one another. They’re best viewed as a connected series of events to be analyzed as a whole. Our incident management platform lets you analyze your full history of incidents — created and collected by our free IR bot, annotated by those who observed and responded to them — to find new insights and spot patterns that can’t be found just by searching the text of past messages. 

Jeli helps you identify organizational patterns that contribute to incidents — schedules, communication issues, processes and practices, decisions that shouldn’t have caused this …  but they did! … and collect the evidence to report along with your findings.

Reports that get read

When you’re ready to report your findings, Jeli lets you create customized reports for specific audiences. Present the right evidence to the right people, in language they understand. Did a cost-saving move end up boosting other costs? Jeli lets you show it.

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