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Published on
December 5, 2021
Nora Jones
Nora Jones
Founder & CEO
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Hi Readers!

Thanks for stopping in. We’ve been heads down, hard at work on Jeli for the last 2 years and we want to share more of our learnings with you.

Jeli was created based on a need to address the importance and value to the whole business of a productive incident review. However, there isn’t a lot of focus in the software industry about how exactly to make a review productive and create business value. As a result, we have worked hard to create the first Incident Analysis platform and our goal is to facilitate turning your incidents into opportunities.

Last week, we released “Howie: The Post Incident Guide”. This guide was written by the wonderful people here at Jeli based on our work helping software organizations of different sizes and maturity levels improve their incident analysis processes. The guide was also reviewed by a number of leading experts in the Learning From Incidents community, and our users, in order to reflect the values we have been fomenting for the past 3 years and to help us democratize and change the industry for the better for years to come.

The guide is a free resource for practitioners regardless of what stage they are in their Learning from Incidents evolution (whether they use Jeli or not!). Half a decade after the release of the Etsy Debriefing Guide (2016), we believe it’s an exciting opportunity to evolve from that work and continue helping the industry get better at their post-Incident activities.  

Along with this, we are announcing the Jeli Blog. Our Jeli Beans are experts in Learning From Incidents thanks to their experience in the field working at different kinds of organizations as well as their involvement in the community. In this space we plan to share resources, answer questions, and highlight what we have been learning! I am incredibly excited for you all to see what we have in store.

For now, download The Starter Guide to learn more about what we affectionately call The Howie Process, if you would like to see how we use Jeli throughout the investigation process, you can read Cory and Vanessa’s blog post on one of our recent learning reviews (where we even invited a customer to attend!). Watch this space – more to come.

- Nora and your friends at Jeli