Communicate to your customers with ease: Jeli +

Published on
April 17, 2023
Emily Ruppe
Emily Ruppe
Technical Product Marketing Manager
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We’re excited to announce our newest integration with! Keeping customers informed throughout an incident is a vital part of response. Managing status post updates can be a difficult task during the hectic haze of trying to understand impact and working through solutions. Leaving the incident coordination channel to post a status update may even mean missing relevant information for customers. We’re looking to make the entire incident communication process easier, and Jeli’s integration is here to help!

Add the integration to your Jeli account

The integration is available for admins to configure.

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. In the Integrations tab, click “Connect Statuspage” to get started!
  3. Add your Page ID and an API Key from your account

A full breakdown of what you’ll need and how to get it is in our documentation!

Once set up, you can run the /jeli statuspage command from your incident coordination channel to create and update posts on your Statuspage. You will be able to set the status, impact, craft a message to your customers, and select impacted components, all without leaving Slack. The Jeli IR bot will take care of adding the link of the created Statuspage post to the incident channel, and in your broadcast channels. Any subsequent updates to your Statuspage can be made through the same /jeli statuspage command throughout response, including closing it out. We have more details on using /jeli statuspage in our documentation.

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