Our newest integration: Google Meet

Published on
April 6, 2023
Emily Ruppe
Emily Ruppe
Technical Product Marketing Manager
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Today we are delighted to announce you can now create a Google Meet call directly from the Jeli Incident Response (IR) Bot! We know the importance of getting your team all on the same page as quickly as possible during incident response. Seeing facial expressions and hearing the tone of your teammates as they talk through an issue can help to clear up confusion and miscommunications during response. Making incidents easier for everyone is at the heart of Jeli’s Incident Response Bot. We’re excited to extend the option to coordinate response over a call for Jeli’s Google Meet customers!

Add the Google Meet Integration to your Jeli account

The Google Meet integration is available for admins to configure.

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. In the Integrations tab, click “Sign in with Google” to get started!

We recommend creating an internal service account when setting up your Google Meet integration. Contact your internal IT team if you’re not sure how to request or set up a service account.

Once Google Meet is connected to your Jeli account, you will have the option to start a Google Meet bridge automatically when opening an incident using the Jeli IR Bot. 

You can also run /jeli meet at any time to create a Meet call if one does not already exist, or to show the link to the existing Meet call if one has already been created.


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