Jeli Series A Announcement

Published on
September 28, 2022
Nora Jones
Nora Jones
Founder & CEO
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I’m thrilled to announce the latest funding round for us, our Series A for $15M led by Addition with participation from Boldstart, Heavybit, and Harrison Metal. 

When I first started looking at Learning from Incidents in software, there were tools on the market that claimed to help, but they ultimately added more toil to a process that was already riddled with high stakes and emotions. They weren’t actually helping. There are a lot of wonderful things that can happen when humans and machines work together, and that’s the beauty of Jeli – we don’t take the human out of the loop, we enhance the human’s work. We’re the only tool on the market that helps you make sense of what keeps your systems running: the relationships. The relationships between your technology and your people.

Since originally launching in December 2020, Jeli has 10xed our customer base, added 3 new flagship products, added 13 new Jeli Bean employees, and have seen 100s of incidents analyzed with the product with endless reactions from customers along the lines of:

“Wow. This is way better than Google Docs or tools not meant for incident reviews. I am able to see things from my incident reviews in ways that were impossible before.”

The Jeli beans are full of former incident commanders and analyzers: from Slack, to Twilio, to IBM, to startups. Across several different organizations and industries, we’ve personally seen what happens when organizations try to hide their failures and cover up losses. Today, employees value authenticity more than ever. Our biggest goal is this larger shift in how we—as a tech community but also just as professionals and people— view our failures. It’s inevitable, so not only should we allow it to happen—we should see every mistake as a chance to be better. It’s beginning with incidents, but it applies to anything. We can create more proactive, more positive workplaces. 

By surfacing the relationships between your people and your technology, you’re surfacing how work is getting done. The best part? We are geared towards the people actually doing the work. We are geared towards the individual contributor, the responder, the person fixing the systems unexpectedly. And by gearing towards them, we are helping these folks and their colleagues continually learn, work better with their colleagues, and feel challenged – all through the lens of an investment your company already made: an incident. We’re just getting started – and someday, all incidents are going to be done with Jeli. 

PS today we also launched a free Slack IR bot to help teams respond to incidents in real time – read more about it here.