3…2…1…cheers to more learning from Jeli.io in 2023!

Published on
December 31, 2022
Nora Jones
Nora Jones
Founder & CEO
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Hi there,

As 2022 ends, I have been reflecting on the achievements of the Jeli product over the past year,  the amazing users that helped us get there, and the incidents we all learned from along the way. I am incredibly excited for what’s ahead in the new year on our product roadmap to help drive continuous learning around incidents in your organizations. But first, I wanted to reflect on our past year and send my thanks and gratitude on behalf of the entire Jeli team for helping us get to where we are today. Your feedback is important to us, and we wanted to show you how it’s made a difference in our product: 

We announced our free Incident Response bot in September. The bot is free because we have a core belief that incident response should be something everyone has access to in organizations, without a barrier to entry. This bot has standout features such as:

  • Broadcast channels (so people not responding to the incident can stay up to date)
  • Incident response phases; so that you can open an incident while still communicating what state the incident response is in to necessary stakeholders

As part of our analysis platform, we built and released Narrative Builder – a product to make building your timelines not only more efficient, but of higher value to your colleagues. Here’s a quote on the value it’s provided from a customer:

“When I first started doing a narrative based approach to incident analysis it took me 4 hours. The first time I used Jeli (Narrative Builder) it took me 1-2hr's (because I was learning), and now it takes me 20 min. " – Engineering Manager, Mid-size FinTech 

We kicked off 2022 with 14 on the team. We added 9 new Jeli beans to the team this year and there are now 23 of us working hard on the future of incident management. 

We also announced our Series A funding of $15M in September. Together, this additional talent and investment has helped us execute on our product goals faster and tackle larger platform enhancements for all of you.

Incidents don’t live independently of one another. They’re best viewed as a connected series of events to be analyzed as a whole. And this means the individual incident data you put in, also has to be high-quality. We want everyone to be able to see this value for themselves so we built and released the Jeli incident analysis free trial in September as well.  

With the introduction of our socio-technical Learning Center in December, Jeli will now make connections across your opportunities, surfacing data automatically to help you make better decisions. Through combining data across the people and tools involved in incidents, the Jeli platform delivers a comprehensive analysis to help you identify consistent stresses, see patterns, and make data-driven decisions. This then lets you move from reactive to proactive, addressing contributing factors to incidents before they occur and helping minimize the impact of future incidents through continuous improvement.

And finally, in continuing our commitment to protect the security and privacy of our customer’s data, we became SOC 2 Type II compliant in August.

It’s been an incredible year at Jeli and we couldn’t have achieved all of this without all of you. Thank you for your continued partnership with the Jeli team and we look forward to continuing to learn from incidents together in the new year!

If you missed some of these product updates, it’s easy to jump back into Jeli! Just head to Slack and use the command /jeli start to get started again!

– Nora

Jeli Founder & CEO