Incident Response Just Got Easier with Jeli’s Automated Workflows and Incident Types

Published on
October 19, 2023
Emily Ruppe
Emily Ruppe
Technical Product Marketing Manager
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As we learn from our incidents, we discover all sorts of actions we want to make sure to take during response. For instance, we want our support team to join an incident call as soon as a customer-impacting incident is created. We want our Communications Leads to remember to update the status page after we’ve identified what’s going on. We want to send out an “all clear” email to the Sales team once an incident is resolved, so they can head into a customer demo without worry. This is all costly cognitive load for a single person, or maybe a group of folks to remember. Jeli has added Workflows to our Incident Response bot to take some things off your plate.

Workflows allow you to set a trigger, conditions, and frequency for specific actions to occur during incident response, such as:

  • Send a message to your support channel 
  • Invite a user or user group into the incident channel
  • Send a page to a team’s on-call
  • Send a DM to an assigned role, like the Incident Commander 
  • Send an email, archive a channel, add more broadcast channels, and more!

We know that every organization has different needs during incident response. Jeli’s IR bot streamlines your response process with fully customizable, automated workflows for your team. 

We’ve also introduced Incident Types, which can be set when opening an incident (or throughout response) to provide more context to responders and observers, trigger specific workflows, and even help identify patterns in your incidents after analysis. Incident types are also fully customizable so you can make them work exactly how your organization needs. 

Create a “Security” type with workflows to create a private incident channel, pull in specific teams, and email legal. Create an “Internal Only” type for incidents with no customer impact—but important internal impact nonetheless–to notify engineering channels and let support know they don’t need to worry. You can even create types per product, feature, service, team, or which planet is currently in retrograde. 

Nothing can replace the expertise and problem solving of the incident responders in your organization. But we can help reduce some of their cognitive load so they can solve the big problems faster, and get your customers back to their regularly scheduled programming. Jeli is here to meet your organization wherever you are on your incident journey, and provide you the tools to level up. 

Try Jeli for free today to check out workflows and incident types!