Sub Processors

Effective as of March 28, 2023

Security, Privacy, and Compliance Information for Jeli

Jeli is a data processor and engages certain onward sub-processors that may process personal data submitted to Jeli’s services by the controller. These sub-processors are listed below, with a description of the service and the location where data is hosted. This list may be updated by Jeli from time to time.

  • Amazon Web Services, Inc. – Hosting and storage (USA)
  • Amplitude, Inc. – Analytics (USA)
  • Auth0 – Authentication management (USA)
  • – Revenue intelligence (USA)
  • Google – Analytics (USA)
  • Hubspot – Sales and marketing (USA)
  • Intercom, Inc. – Customer support and marketing (USA)
  • LaunchDarkly – Software development and release management (USA)
  • ProductBoard – Collection of customer feedback (USA)
  • Salesforce – Lead and campaign management (USA)
  •, Inc. – Analytics (USA)
  • Vercel – Application Platform (USA)
  • Webflow – Website Hosting (USA)