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Busy engineering teams need to make the most of their outages. When we can quickly and effectively surface insights we can help teams learn about their systems and enhance future incident response efforts. We’ve compiled proven techniques on just how to do this into a 24-page PDF ebook that explains, step by step, how to turn incidents into learning opportunities.

Our Incident Analysis 101 ebook gives a quick intro to defining Incident Analysis, followed by concise how-to sections on:

  • Choosing which incidents to investigate
  • Finding your investigators
  • Gathering data to review
  • Writing up your findings
  • Leading a learning review
  • Making improvements
  • Sharing your findings

These strategies are adaptable to your team and organization. It’s made to help level up your engineers, reduce downtime, and enhance system resilience. Download the Incident Analysis 101 PDF below.

And we’re not just here to teach. We’d love to learn with you as you go. Have some lessons for us? Don’t be shy — get in touch!

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