Introducing Jeli’s Vanta Integration

Published on
April 4, 2023
Emily Ruppe
Emily Ruppe
Technical Product Marketing Manager
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We’re excited to announce that today Jeli is launching an integration with Vanta! Vanta is an automated security and compliance platform that helps companies scale security practices and automate compliance. 

Across the industry, incidents can come with specific reporting requirements depending on your field, local laws for your users, and interactions with other tools. Take a SOC 2 report for example, it’s a cybersecurity compliance framework designed to ensure secure storage and processing of customer data. The SOC 2 framework centers around 5 principles of security, confidentiality, availability, privacy, and process integrity. Vanta helps to automate compliance around those 5 principles in order to achieve and maintain ongoing SOC 2 compliance. Jeli enables you to learn from your incidents, increasing not only your system’s availability, but internally bolstering the knowledge required to maintain a fault-tolerant system. In addition to learning from your incidents, Jeli’s free Incident Response Slack bot provides an accessible entry point into establishing an incident response process, guarantees the capture of reported incidents, and makes the process easier for responders, so that they can focus on solving problems. 

Helping teams to understand and share the information they earned during incident response is a vital part of creating and maintaining a secure, reliable system. As Jeli strives to improve everyone’s experience around incidents, we’re excited to partner Vanta, who is doing the same with compliance and security!

Add the Vanta integration to your Jeli Account

The Vanta integration is available for Admins to configure. 

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. In the Integrations tab, click “Connect Vanta” to get started! 

Integrating with Jeli will allow you to view your users with Jeli accounts, their permission levels, authentication methods, and more via Vanta’s Access Review.

Don’t have Jeli yet? Get started with a free trial of Jeli today to respond to, manage, and analyze incidents in order to build more resilient infrastructure and teams.