Incident Analysis 101: Techniques for Sharing Incident Findings

You’re basking in the glow of new knowledge after your learning review meeting. Everyone is feeling smarter, more informed, and so optimistic for the future. That’s wonderful and worth

Vanessa Huerta Granda Apr 19th, 2022
Incident Analysis 101: Handling Action Items

Now that you’ve had your post-incident review meeting, there are probably some things that came up that you want to follow up on. In this post we will walk you through how to deal with the

Emily Ruppe Apr 8th, 2022
Incident Analysis 101: Facilitating a Learning Review Without Prior Interviews

There are many ways to approach a learning review. Some involve extensive preparations, while others just get enough of a sense of the incident to make the best use of the time together. Scheduling,

Emily Ruppe Mar 24th, 2022
Incident Analysis 101: Facilitating the Learning Review

You’ve conducted interviews, put it all together, and written up your findings, now it’s time to gather everyone together and review the incident. In this post we’ll discuss who’s

Emily Ruppe Mar 9th, 2022
Incident Analysis 101: Writing up your findings

You've done it! So far you've gathered data for your investigation, found some themes in it, and created a visualization. You may have done some interviews. Now it's time to take off the

Thai Wood Mar 3rd, 2022
Incident Analysis 101: Putting It All Together

Learning from an incident, like any complex subject, is going to require some effort. We’ve discussed the type data you can collect, but how does one even get started in analyzing it all in an

Cory Watson Mar 1st, 2022
Incident Analysis 101: Interviewing – How to determine who to interview

In a 2018 talk on blameless post mortems, John Allspaw said, “The people who were there in the middle of an incident are experts in what went wrong and all the messy details that can prevent it

Daniela Hurtado Feb 25th, 2022
Incident Analysis 101: What kind of data can you use, and should you use, for an investigation?

Why is data important Data is important in an incident investigation because our goal is to find out what really happened—to learn more about the things that create success, and the things that

Thai Wood Feb 22nd, 2022
Incident Analysis 101: Who should investigate?

One of the first things we often get asked when working with companies who want to improve their learning from incidents is “who should investigate our outages?” Good incident analysis- like

Laura Maguire Feb 10th, 2022
Incident Analysis 101: Which incidents should you investigate?

Authors: Laura Maguire and Vanessa Huerta Granda There’s an old saying that the best tool for the job is the one you have. Similarly, the best incident analysis for your organization is the

Vanessa Huerta Granda Feb 3rd, 2022