Announcing Jeli's AI for assisted incident response and analysis

Supporting your people to understand, respond, and continuously improve through incidents.

The Jeli team is excited to announce the integration of AI into the Jeli incident response & analysis platform. You can now sign up for the Private Beta Waitlist.

Get caught up without scrolling through conversations

“Catch Me Up” gives incident responders a quick summary of an incident as soon as they join an incident channel. The feature also supports teams across an organization, such as Customer Success, by providing key highlights they can relay to customers for real-time, external communication during an incident.

Jump Start Your Narrative Timeline

Jeli's Narrative Builder now incorporates AI to highlight key moments associated with the Detection, Diagnosis, and Repair phases of an incident. Work alongside Jeli automation to tag, categorize, and edit your timeline.

We are building AI into our platform to assist humans, not displace them.

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